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Official website:

Agent Information: – domestic service, the main focus of which is the search and booking of air tickets. Additional services include hotels and travel insurance. In terms of cost, tickets are no different from similar companies.

The company has a colorful website, but the functionality is rather weak. Filtering results has few settings. You can pay for the order by bank transfer, cash and bank card, electronic money is not accepted. The exchange and return of plane tickets is carried out in accordance with the conditions of the airlines.

In 2018, the company rebranded and began to work under the name & nbsp;

Contact information:

  • St. Petersburg, st. Radishchev, 39;
  • +7 (800) 333-38-34 Free call within All Russia;
  • +7 (812) 309-46-11;


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Bastards!!! Return the money.....

Is the review helpful?

12/08/12 my husband and I bought tickets from Sri Lanka to Bali. The money for the ticket was withdrawn. A day later, a message came that the airline had not confirmed the flight and the money would be returned within five days. And now the deadline passes, and the company reports that they do not return anything - contact the bank.
The bank gives feedback - the money was not credited to the account.
Where 35 thousand went is unknown. The company in response to our repeated request contradicts itself.
I do not recommend.

Is the review helpful?

I was looking for airplane tickets through the website, I found the right option and clicked "buy". The site for purchasing the selected tickets automatically redirected me to the go2see system. I did not attach any importance to this, I thought that this was the aviaseles payment system. Issued tickets. After the purchase, I had to send a request to the airline to transport the animal. I called the hotline of the air carrier, but it turned out that the air carrier cannot do anything with my order, since the tickets were purchased through the go2see agency and, accordingly, this agency needs to make this request. In itself, the service of requesting the transport of animals in the airline is absolutely free. However, this agency charges 1500 for it. At the same time, if the ticket is canceled on the day of the purchase of All, a commission of 599 rubles is charged for each ticket. To summarize: the cost of tickets purchased through the go2see agency is equal to the cost of tickets purchased on the official website of the airline itself. At the same time, for any service that the air carrier provides free of charge, you must pay in the go2see system. Be careful when buying tickets.

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I bought tickets through them. Specially paid extra for extra baggage. And it was only after payment that it became clear that the return ticket was sold WITHOUT Luggage at all. I immediately began to call, they answered, they say, calm down, when the airline confirms the order, you will see that the ticket is with luggage. The ticket came... without luggage. Moreover, it cost me MORE EXPENSIVE than buying a ticket with a refund, seat selection and luggage directly from S7 itself (usually, it’s cheaper to buy tickets through aggregators, companies give them discounts).

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