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* Search for online tickets is carried out using the form from Travelpayouts. Website Avia-Agents.u does not sell airline tickets. You can buy tickets on the official website of the company - cheap flights

Official website:

Agent Information: – service for searching air tickets, railway tickets, hotels and car rental. Before rebranding, the company worked under the name Go2See. The agency is a member of the international association IATA.

MEGO.Travel is connected to all major booking systems, which allows it to find the most favorable offers on flights.

How to book a ticket?

To start booking a ticket on the website need to fill out a search form.

Форма поиска

On the left side of the site of the search result, you can filter the issuance according to the following parameters: transfers, baggage, airlines, type of airline, price.

The ticket block contains detailed information on the flight: departure and arrival times, travel time, possible transfers, baggage allowances and hand luggage.

Блок билета

Additionally, you can order the following services:

  • nsurance in case of flight cancellation or loss of baggage 360-400 rubles.
  • Service «Lossless return» - you can return up to 90% of the cost of any ticket – 1719 rub.
  • SMS notification on flight cancellation / transfer – 299 rub.
  • In case of illness ticket refund guarantee – 1099 rub.
  • Flexible booking – free change of booking dates – 799 rub.

Ways of payment

You can pay for a ticket only with a Visa and MasterCard bank card. You can postpone payment for 2 hours by fixing the ticket price. 

Contact Information:

  • St. Petersburg, st. Radishcheva, house 39, lit. B, room 82;
  • +7 (812) 611-23-44;
  • skype:ru_mego

Pros and cons of the agency

Advantages Disadvantages
  • User friendly interface;
  • There is information on baggage and fares;
  • There are promotional codes and coupons;
  • Possibility to postpone payment of reservation for 2 hours;
  • Few payment methods;

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see review from 25.01.2019

Is the review helpful?

The most bestial company !!!!! Complete deception and no extreme !!!!! Freaks !!!!!

Is the review helpful?

A large fee for returning a ticket, deducted almost half the cost.