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Agent Information: – the first and most popular service in Russia for online booking of charter flights. To date, the company has the largest base of tourist charters. Many travel companies are connected to the system, which allows covering the maximum number of flight destinations.

Despite some inconveniences, charter flights are very popular – they allow passengers to buy airplane tickets for 30-40% cheaper than regular flights.

Click Avia is constantly improving its service by expanding the geography of destinations, improving the convenience of using the service and introducing new payment options for tickets. The service constantly informs its customers at all stages of Airline Reservation, up to changes in the airline's schedule.

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I bought a ticket on this site for a non-existent flight, they say that the plane flew earlier.

Is the review helpful?

I bought you an air ticket St. Petersburg-Adler on November 3, flight 5615 departure 05.40 ticket No. 1952432284694,
The ticket office cannot find such a flight. Please clarify the situation.

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Paid for tickets Tivat-Moscow. We were scammed, referring to Turovo LLC.

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The scheme is simple: they place a lower price for the desired flight than others, and then simply change the flight to an inconvenient and cheap one. Do not contact - deceived.

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Run! Run from Clickavia (Clickavia is that “honest seller”)
How many times have I seen posts on the Internet that began with the words "I have been reading Reviews for several years, and now my first post will be about scammers / scammers / think it up yourself." I never thought that I myself would be one of their number. Today I'm going to tell you about (as it turned out to be yet another) a discount from the Clickavia ticketing company, aka Travellab Agent LLC. Yes, as it turned out. It turned out that the Internet is replete with a story about nof from deceived customers.

All began with the purchase of air tickets on the Tivat-Moscow route on the All of the well-known aggregator Aviasales (a special hello to those who check partners on your site). On 07/30/2018 I purchased 2 tickets for flight WZ 534 with RedWings. After paying for the tickets (in the amount of 26745.00 rubles), I receive a wonderful letter from Clickavia. “We are white, fluffy, beautiful and you bought tickets from us. Relax." Relaxed. I have a wife with me and a small child.

But then it turns out that they will provide me with tickets for my hard-earned money in a separate letter, having bought them on the eve of departure. Not immediately, as expected, not immediately, as they wrote, but then, before departure, the day before. It's embarrassing, annoying, weird, but okay. Let's say. I planned to fly back on 09/09/2018. Now imagine the degree of my fucking (the degree of fucking will increase from letter to letter), when a few days before the expected departure I receive a letter in which Clikavia writes that they did not buy my tickets. There are no tickets!!!

That is, Clickavia leaves me and my wife in a foreign country without pre-purchased tickets. And come back as you like, you can even walk. Let's omit the fact that I might not have enough money with me to buy other tickets (or the possible lack of tickets for the date I needed as such), and the money will be returned as much as 30 working days. These are just flowers. The berries began when these "comrades" sent me the following letter a few more days later.

Oh-la-la. Where's the money, Lebowski? And the money is from a certain mythical company Turovo LLC, Clickavia tells me. If you want your money back, you are welcome - sue them. And until the end of the trial with Turovo LLC, we will not return your hard-earned money, roll up your lip, dear. We ourselves then earned Allgo 156 rubles on this deal, the poor, the unfortunate.

And then it will be as Zadornov said. You are ready? Are you ready? Take a deep breath, now there will be juice.

They write that they have nothing to do with it, they send some lists of paid bills. They say that this supplier is bad, we are good. We are not required to monitor our suppliers. Just think, we take 100% prepayment from you, a trifle. Don't get hungry.

Further more. To my fair (but polite) indignation, how do you think they responded? That's not guessed. These "comrades" in response to my letter sent a link to YouTube, where their certain (probably) director talks for 8 minutes about the fact that there was money, there will be money, but there is no money. All in the best tradition of Medvedev. You stay there.
I won’t throw a screenshot of the letter into the post itself, so there are already a lot of pictures. I am attaching a link to the video https://www. (put y here)
When the people under the video began to resent (including me), they even turned off the comments on the video. Hmm..

There is no morality. Today I sent them an official claim demanding a refund. I will send copies to Rospotrebnadzor and the Prosecutor's Office of Moscow.
Take care of yourself and your money. Always check in advance who you buy this or that product from, don't be like toooz151.

I will ask you to support this post and bring it to the fore, so that people know what they may encounter when buying tickets on aggregators. Comments for minus are attached.
All they have provided for smart. And the fact that this “supplier”, a certain Turovo LLC, consists of ONE founder for 10,000 rubles and one (him in one person) general director is silent about this. "Well done" coolly threw Allx, moving the arrows to a dummy. Drain money and be done with it. But no, I will go to the end to bring them to clean water. I'll go to the prosecutor's office. Brothers sit.

Repost, friends! Repost and maximum distribution. There are already thrown thousands! All correspondence has been saved. YouTube video too.