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Agent Information: (Tinkoff Travel) – travel service from Tinkoff Bank, which allows you to book flights, hotels and rent a car. Ticket service provided by the company OneTwoTrip, hotel from Booking, and car rental – rentalcars. A feature of Tinkov Travel is that when you use one of the provided travel services, you are credited to your ALL Airlines bank card with an amount of 5-10% of the order value in the form of miles that you can spend on buying air tickets.

The site has an interesting modern dofine, it is convenient to use. There are minor complaints about the results of issuing tickets – there are no sane filters and sorting. Otherwise, there are no complaints. You can pay for the order with any bank card, but promotional miles are credited when using Tinkoff bank cards.

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Tinkoff Travel + AK "..pobeda" = "more fun" together??? smile: wall:
Recently, I managed to buy a ticket for the flight of the above-named air carrier through the service discussed in this thread. smile:painful: At the same time, I have been a user of several products of the bank of the same name for almost 2 years and All my data there were checked several times and were up-to-date (including the email address, which (!!!) is important (!!!) for further problem description). On the website of this carrier, I also have a personal account to the same email address. I buy a ticket through the service under discussion, pay and wait for confirmation by mail. smile:relax: I'm waiting for an hour, I'm waiting for two ... smile:pardon: A few hours later I contacted the support service with a description of the situation. It turned out that supposedly in my personal account there was an error in the e-mail address for 1 letter (previously everything was Fine and I did not change the address in the personal account). As a result, they sent me a manual itinerary receipt to the current e-mail. But this ticket is not displayed in my personal account of the carrier, presumably due to errors in the e-mail when booking. We have in the subtotal: instead of the usual five-minute period from the moment of choosing and buying a ticket to receiving an itinerary receipt by mail (so, you see, it’s calmer), about 2.5 hours were spent. smile:evil: You can call it a little dance with a tambourine. It would not have been so scary, but it was decided to pay extra in advance for the transportation of luggage (of the initial fare was without luggage and its presence was not expected). And then the most interesting began. This could only be done on the carrier's website, because the purchased tickets in the personal account of the service under discussion are not displayed in any way (by the way, I wonder why ??? for many similar services everything is transparent in this regard). I had to do this in the mobile application of the carrier (do not forget about the "non-display" of the reservation in your personal account). With the help of the booking code and the "remembered incorrectly specified" when booking an e-mail (due to the fault of the service in question), it was still possible to do this. That is, it was possible to purchase the service, but again there was a problem with receiving the document by e-mail. I'm contacting SP. They tell me that you did not purchase additional services from us, so, be so kind as to go to ... the website of the carrier. We go again to the site to the carrier and another surprise comes out - when you enter by the reservation number and “remembered incorrectly specified” e-mail, a banner pops up (attached), suggesting “fill in the passenger’s data before continuing”, namely, indicate the patronymic for some reason, the passenger and another cell with the year of birth were “circled in red”, although the year was indicated correctly. At the same time, the name and surname of the passenger are indicated in Latin, but the banner suggests "indicate the data in strict accordance with the identity document." The situation is stalemate. It is impossible to ignore this banner in any way, because. he "does not pass" to the itinerary receipt. And, the most interesting thing, the carrier offers to enter the middle name of the passenger Allgo for only 400 rubles!!! smile:D smile:D smile:D I entered the patronymic in "exact accordance with the identity document." smile:crazy: In general, in addition to a small dance with a tambourine, we also have a big one, because communication with the joint venture of the “service” under discussion took about 3.5 more hours. By the way, for some reason they deleted part of the correspondence and switched me to another operator, but I managed to return to the original one. Just in case, I saved the rest of the correspondence. Waiting for the flight and see what happens. The case smacks of litigation and it smells rather unpleasant ... smile: quotes:

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and again a mistake in the surname - of blame - ZATLOUKAL

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Today I booked a ticket for 09/28/18 to Prague in the name of ZANKJUKAL MIROSLAV, of Sheremetyevo at 15-20 and indicated the wrong mail address.

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I do not recommend and will not use you again.

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I advise you not to book hotels through the site"Travel.Tinkoff".
On December 18 this year, I booked 2 hotels in Milan: "Smart Hotel Central" for 2 nights 27.02.-01.03.2018 and "Hotel Villa Malpensa" for 1 night - 08-09.03.2018 through the Tinkoff Travel website and immediately problems started:
1. I received a hotel booking confirmation, but there is no booking number or pin code in these confirmations. Naturally, I cannot open and save these confirmations in my personal account
2. The next day, 7047.95 rubles were debited from my Tinkoff Black card. (99.9 euro) supposedly SMART HOTEL, while the address is indicated: Ita Nigeria??? The write-off was carried out without my confirmation via SMS code. I turned to Tinkoff Banck for an explanation, but they could not explain anything to me and advised me to contact the one who deducted my money.
3. I wrote an email to the link in the confirmation: "send an email to the accommodation option" asking for an explanation on what basis the money was debited, but I still have not received a response. And I already understand that I won’t get it, because the link opens an email address: Obviously, this is not the website of the Smart Hotel Central
4. I called the hotline number listed on the Tinkoff Travel website: +7(499) 271 87 36. It turned out to be the phone, I started to explain the situation, but I was immediately asked for the reservation number, which I naturally could not give, - see point 1. Therefore, my call ended in nothing.
5. I wrote an email on the Tinkoff Travel website, but have not received a response.
As a result - the money is lost, there is no certainty that the hotels are booked. I came to the conclusion that the link in the letter from Tinkoff Travel opens a very similar to, but "fake" fraudulent site