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* online tickets are searched using the Travelpayouts form. The site does not sell airline tickets. You can buy tickets on the official website of the company Nebo.Travel

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Official website:

Agent Information: – travel website from a tour operator ООО «Thanks Travel». The company specializes in charter flights. The most popular destinations are: Bulgaria (Burgas, Varna), Cyprus (Larnaca, Paphos), India (Goa), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rimini, Rome), Greece (Corfu, Thessaloniki).

How to book a ticket

To begin with, in the search form on the main page of the site, you must specify the direction of flight, flight dates and the number of people. If the system found offers on the set parameters, then you will be offered to issue a ticket.

Nebo.Travel форма поиска

If you click on the link in more detail, the system will show detailed information on the flight: airports of departure and arrival, flight number, model of the plane, baggage allowance and travel time.

Информация о билете

Ways of payment

Nebo.Travel accepts only bank cards of the following systems:

  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • Мир.

Payment transactions go through Sberbank. After payment, the order confirmation will be sent to the email you specified.

Contact Information:

  • Moscow, Gamsonovsky Lane, 2 Business Center;
  • +7 (495) 617-06-01;
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00;

Pros and cons of the agency

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Cheap prices for charter flights;
  • Many popular tourist destinations;
  • Ease of use.
  • Almost no scheduled flights;
  • Weak system of filters and sorting of results;
  • Few payment methods;
  • Outdated design.

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Nebo.Travel – Buyer Reviews

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Is the review helpful?

I bought six tickets for a charter flight to Antalya, the flight was canceled, and now it’s an ambush, the money must be returned to the client, but I don’t want to return the sum of 133,300 rubles ... so they start referring to Pegasus Turistik Mol when they return then we will return, and this is like 21 days, I call them in two weeks I ask where the money is, and they and you wrote a statement? and then they add that they say Pegasus Turistik is to blame for the money they do not send ... in short, the company is full of shit for a month, they are not going to return money, so Thank Travel LLC or as on the Nebo.Travel website is complete crap, do not contact when, they go bankrupt just spit and disappear money.

Is the review helpful?

I took tickets from Antalya-Moscow, All sent them on time The day before the flight, I clarified the details by phone All All ok, but it would be nice to add SMS informing about flight transfers thanks

Is the review helpful?

outbid. boorish call center and send instead of a ticket, an itinerary receipt without specifying airlines.

Is the review helpful?

changed airlines and at what they call with a claim they say you saw a letter with of changes or not! they send not a ticket, but an itinerary receipt and you yourself look for which airline and which terminal. when I could not find a flight on the online scoreboard of Barcelona, I had to call and the employee could not give a clear answer. in the end, just wasted money on communication of Europe. disgusting office with the same disgusting service.

Is the review helpful?

Flight Moscow - Tenerife - Moscow. The ticket indicates that the flight is direct and that the departure is from Domodedovo. In Domodedovo itself they say that this airline does not fly through Domodedovo. The airline replies that there are no direct flights. How so? How can tickets be sold if all information is FALSE !!! airport name and direct flight information

Is the review helpful?

Bought a ticket from Moscow to Adler. Reservation RUS1800532. Especially for a certain time. Since the forest is from the Far East. A week later, a letter comes about the transfer of the departure time by 12 hours !!!! Earlier!!!! At the time when I will still be flying from Khabarovsk in an airplane. Tickets are not exchangeable! Never use the services of this "office".

Is the review helpful?

Boris, call the number indicated in the contacts, the dates must be replaced.