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Agent Information: – the leading metasearch engine for airline tickets. In Russia, it is not yet as popular as domestic counterparts, but every year it is gaining popularity, especially when searching for international destinations. Among other things, the service allows you to book a hotel room and rent a car.

The Kayak official website has powerful functionality and a very flexible filter that will help you choose the most interesting flight method for you, allowing you to plan complex routes in advance and receive notifications about their status. The system searches for tickets on hundreds of travel sites. Kayak does not sell air tickets, he helps to buy them on other sites without charging a commission for this.

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I don't like the kayak with Allm in terms of dofine. You can immediately see that it is adapted to the Western user - you need to do a lot of unnecessary movements. Or am I just spoiled for service by Aviasales? The only thing that makes me use the Kayak is the opportunity to find sometimes cheaper tickets for foreign flights than on Sale. But dofine is wildly annoying.