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Just.Travel – a young domestic travel service that allows you to book air tickets to any destination. Additionally, the company offers the opportunity to book Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow airports.

The company does not have a 24/7 customer support service, but it does provide a fairly wide range of popular payment systems. The service website looks modern and has a convenient pleasant interface. The search results have a good system of filters for selecting offers.

Contact information:

  • 420107,g. Kazan, ul. Spartakovskaya, d. 6. Business center «Suvar Plaza»;
  • +7 495 647-00-92;
  • cooperation;
  • commercial matters.

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Never again will I fly with this company.

Is the review helpful?

Used three times with no problems. Once there was a delay in issuing a ticket for a low-cost airline, but the support service worked clearly, informed about everything and sent a ticket. Fine agency.

Is the review helpful?

We ordered tickets for the second time. All is just super

Is the review helpful?

money in place nightmare jittery

Is the review helpful?

I can not get through. the money is gone. writes some kind of network failure. I'm in shock .. I'm waiting for the morning ... then I'll write ......