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Official website:

Agent Information: – young ticket service of Belarus, also available at the main feature of the company is that it offers air tickets of low-cost airlines – budget airlines. The search results include Ryanair, Wizzair, AirBaltic, Norwegian Air Shuttle and others. It turns out to be very profitable to look for airplane tickets to European destinations.

Externally, the Inair website is very simple, perhaps even too much. The search result is quite informative, you can filter by many parameters. In addition to standard bank cards, PayPal is used for payment. There is a 24/7 support service. The service is present in popular ticket metasearch engines.

Contact information:

  • г. Минск, Логойский тракт, 22а, оф. 906;
  • +375 17 388 7880 для Беларуси;
  • +370 686 60555 для Литвы;
  • 8 800 7079206;

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Is the review helpful?

I still have not received a refund for the flight that was canceled, the support phone does not work. The flight was supposed to be 07/02/2019

Is the review helpful?

This company is a scam. My flight was canceled and I asked for a refund, but they asked for a copy of my passport. The money for the ticket was returned to me with a fight, but it turned out that they still received my compensation for the cancellation of the flight. Without my knowledge or permission, they sent a copy of the passport to a specialized agency for receiving compensation and, having received a large amount, they appropriated it. I was just lucky that I found out about this when I myself sent documents to the same company for help in claiming compensation from the air carrier.
Also note that they do not have an office in Moscow, but only a legal address in Lithuania. They cannot be found by day with fire.

Is the review helpful?

Bought cheap tickets from Hong Kong to Cebu today. Immediately received confirmation of payment and withdrew the money. I began to read Reviews, wildly scared. I went to the site to see what was confirmed there, because the ticket itself was not sent to the post office. I found the booking confirmation code, entered it on the Cebu air website and there is this booking. So I didn't have any problems. If the ticket is not sent, then by the code I will register on the company's website.

Is the review helpful?

I was seduced by the new price of tickets from Wizz Air. After the order and payment, they sent a "confirmation" of the order, but this booking code did not break through on the wizz air website - that is, in fact, the tickets were not purchased on the airline's website. Some time after the proceedings in the chat on their website, they managed to knock out a normal confirmation code that could be checked on wizz. After that, I began to try to beat out the itinerary receipt, they claimed that it should arrive 7 days (another option that they said 2 days) before departure. But we all know that it comes immediately after buying tickets. They serve breakfast, the exact time when they can send a receipt is not called. - it's All they are, run away from here!

Is the review helpful?

Doubt whether to use this site or not. The first time I wrote a chat to the support service, but there was no answer and I was afraid.
On December 15, I bought tickets to OneTwoTrip. Paid. The booking has not been confirmed. Their support service answered - it takes time to figure it out. On December 18, in the morning, I received a letter of refusal; no one could explain anything about money. True, a couple of hours later the money was returned.
I had to buy on this site, because the rest of the Norwegian low-cost sell more expensive. It was scary, but this time the support service worked and I took a chance.
I immediately received an e-mail about payment, another one that the tickets would be issued the next day, but now it's midnight and the tickets have already arrived.
So I'm satisfied. Thank you!