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Agent Information: (Дохоп.ру) – popular in Europe and gaining popularity in Russia service for finding inexpensive air tickets. The site allows you to compare ticket offers from different airlines and agencies. But what sets Dohop apart from other metasearch searches is its ability to find suitable low-cost connecting flights from different airlines. Sometimes this can save you a significant amount of money on your flight.

On the official website, in addition to air tickets, services are provided for car rental - Cartrawler and hotel search - In the very issue of the service, there are both large ticket agencies and small ones that you will not find on other ticket search engines. If you have not yet decided where to travel, the Any Direction option may come in handy. You just enter the city of departure and dates, and the site itself will offer you many interesting options. Many filters will help you sort the results. Registration and payment of the order takes place directly on the website of the airline or agency.

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