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Agent Information: – a large Lithuanian travel airline ticket service, adapted for the Russian market, there are also versions for Ukraine and Belarus, where this site is especially popular. The company claims that their airfare margins are minimal, generally comparable to other similar episodes.

Regular registered customers of the service from each reservation have a discount, which they can use for subsequent orders. Payment can be made using a bank card. Hard to call high-tech and modern service – amateur, but as an alternative, worthy of attention.

Contact information:

  • Lithuania, Vilnius, Ave. Gadimino, d. 64;
  • (+370 5) 249 09 09;
  • (85) 249 0909;
  • Skype:;

Representation in Russia:

Representation in Ukraine:

Representation in Belarus:

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You know, I was once again convinced that this is the site of the air go scam site !!!! After they divorced me for cheap Tickets and about a surcharge of 200% about which I already wrote, they continue to send messages with non-existent prices for airline tickets. Go around this site the tenth road.

Is the review helpful?

Good afternoon! These are small scams that breed unsuspecting people for money !!! I give my example of cooperation with an air go: I received a message in the mail with the price of tickets. And I paid for the Tickets and literally after 15 minutes the following message: of sorry there are no tickets) with a ticket price of 102 € they ask you to pay another 225 € and we will redeem the ticket for you. And this is not an isolated case ((In no case do not use the services of these crooks !!!!

Is the review helpful?

After a letter of criticism, immediately received a letter about the change in the terms of payment for booking airline tickets: from 18.00 to 13.30 and two days before departure. Moreover, the letter arrived three minutes before the payment deadline, which is impossible in the conditions of foreign relations and communication with her. Small dirty tricks ?! Do we need such services provided by representatives of another state?
Unfortunately I did not read Reviews in advance because of the urgency of the decision. I am of the same opinion about the court as the consumer A. Sherman. No one has canceled the baykot, if they always have an excuse. And the personnel issue is not our problem. That means they do not value their reputation.

Is the review helpful?

If I don’t answer the phone or are rude, then this is of course very bad. It only surprises me that people don’t understand the difference between an airline and an agency. I also had experience, they are only intermediaries, they only charge themselves a premium and give all the money for the ticket to the airlines. And if the airline does not want to change dates or last names or return money for a ticket, then the agency can not do anything. Of course, you need to politely inform about this and answer calls, but you cannot demand the impossible from them, especially if you made mistakes in your first or last name, as I had.

Is the review helpful?

When ordering a ticket Kharkov - Tel Aviv (UIA), the system made two errors at once. One in my last name, the other in the passport output. The company refused to correct the error. "User support" is virtually absent - the phone and skype do not respond, anonymous replies came by mail. UIA demanded $ 50 for reissuing a ticket, despite the fact that the system error was obvious.
Currently I demand from Aviago (or rather the owners - Baltic Clipper compensation for damage, including lost time. I intend to contact the European Consumer Rights Protection Organization ( and the courts.

And here is what the manager of the Žilvinas Raudys company answered in the correspondence about the reviews collected here (and not only here).
"In most cases - baseless emotional statements, caused either by mistakes of customers or unwillingness to adhere to the rules of the carrier. There’s a problem with telephone communications, we’re looking for another operator."

I believe that the company's behavior should be punished. Please report violations; information must be collected for the court.

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