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Agent Information: – an aviation agency in the Far East offering charter flights from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok to the islands of Saipan, Guam, as well as the Philippines and Thailand. Flights to these destinations are operated by Vladavia.

Air Charter DV is one of the few agencies providing Tours for these destinations. On the official website you can find information about promotions. The company can also book hotels on the islands where flights will be operated.

Contact information:

  • Vladivostok, pr-t Red Banner 25, office. 106:
  • 8(423) 242-77-79, 200-50-77, 261-82-61;
  • 8(4212)660-960 Khabarovsk;

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not a company, but a complete scam!!! comrades, NEVER, NEVER contact this company.
They will waste your nerves for a week, promise to find other options for the hotel, raise prices unilaterally, say NOTHING at all, and in the end you will hear the answer that you are not flying anywhere!
This is exactly what happened to us, they planned a tour to Saipan, for 4 days they went over the ears about the hotel, raised the price tag, but we already agreed to any option. But in the end they called us and said that of sorry, but we won’t be able to fly.
Rest is spoiled, or rather it simply will not happen.
Moreover, ONLY Aviachartra is guilty of this, because. agencies through which we bought, in fact, could not influence the situation in any way.
So, if you don't want to spoil your holiday - NEVER FLY BY AIR CHARTER!!!