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I want to rest, but there is no money. What to do?

Sometimes you really want to relax and in mind you already have a tour to the country of dreams, there is only money for it. The reason can be anything - a bonus only after a month, a little is missing just for this beautiful hotel by the coral reef, the salary is delayed ... Anyway, I really do not want to deny myself a vacation. Especially for such cases on Level.Travel you can take an installment tour from PayLate. We tell how installments work and why it is really convenient to use.

1. What does “installment tour” mean This means that right at the time of booking the tour you do not have to pay. You can have at least 100, at least 0 rubles on the card - it doesn’t matter. You just book your favorite tour and choose one of the payment options: a. If the tour costs less than 80 000 rubles: - You pay all its cost within 30 days after purchase. b. If the tour costs more than 80,000 rubles: - You pay all its cost within 30 days after purchase. - You pay the full cost of the tour + 5.26%, but within 120 days.

2. What to do if you do not have time to pay for 30/120 days If you have not paid installments for 30/120 days, then the remaining amount is paid as a loan. The loan rate after an interest-free period is from 1.9% per annum, and the maximum repayment term is 12 months.

3. How expensive can I take in installments Up to 250 thousand rubles. This is suitable for different situations: for example, when you really want to go to a dream country, and the tour is expensive. Here, for example, a tour to the Maldives for two adults - even cheaper than the maximum amount:

4. What documents are needed and how to draw them up To get started, select the country, the desired dates and the appropriate tour in the Level.Travel search. Just continue the tour purchase process until you get to the payment. By default, payment by credit card is at this stage, but you need to switch to "Installments for 30 days" or "Installments for 120 days" and click "Book." After that, it remains only to fill out a questionnaire and confirm your identity: indicate the data of the Russian passport, contact details and attach a video with your face to the questionnaire - this will pass the video identification. Within 15 minutes, your documents will be checked, after which you will receive an SMS with a code. Enter it in the installments registration window, and that’s it - it's time to pack your bags!