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Agent Information: – domestic airline search service. This is one of the few cases where the name is true. The agency allows you to find low-cost tickets due to the fact that a large number of charter flights are presented here. Despite the significant drawbacks of charters, they are popular because of the price. In addition, the company offers the service of booking hotels from

Advantages also include a wide selection of payment methods: bank cards, cash on the Euroset or Svyaznoy, as well as WebMoney and Yandex money electronic money. The official website of Biletideshevo does not pretend to be the most convenient and modern – this is perhaps one of the main disadvantages. But it is compensated by the possibility of relatively inexpensive travel to popular tourist destinations.

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I went to write a positive review to the manager of Xenia, took a ticket in March 2018 Dubai-Moscow. On the eve of departure, they sent an electronic ticket number and airport of departure,

Is the review helpful?

Yes, the bank also returned the money to me. after the statement. This is the so-called chargeback.
I bought tickets in August, I wrote a statement in October.
so write a statement to your bank!!!!

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I have in September this year "stole" 49,991 rubles. Upon returning from vacation, at the beginning of October I turned to the nearest branch of the bank, the services of which I used when paying for tickets, with a statement about the refund of money for the actually unproven service by the agency (the chargeback procedure). It took me about an hour and a half of time. In early November, money in the amount of 49911 rubles. entered my card. As they say - no comment!

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I join the collective art order 298033 Moscow - Burgas on 14.09 and back on 30.09 My tel (916) 248 50 78 stole 15000

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I appeal to All whom cheated Tickets Cheap!
No need to write messages that you are joining a team, etc. Nobody can do anything without your minimal actions.!!!
I ask those who want and are ready to submit applications to law enforcement authorities to initiate criminal proceedings, write to me by mail
I will be able to send general recommendations and samples of statements and complaints.
As part of a criminal case, in the case of indictment of a specific person or persons, we, as victims, can file civil claims for damages! Civil lawsuits against a company without sufficient property with one-day pro-signs will not be effective!
I ask you to be All more active, you need to fight for your rights and interests!