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Official website:

Agent Information: – Far Eastern Aviation Agency – one of the oldest airlines in Russia, which organizes travel, selling air tickets, train tickets, hotels, arranging travel and travel insurance, organizing bus trips and tours. From the beginning to the end of the journey, the company provides various types of support to its customers.

The site contains information about airline promotions, hot tours and many other useful reference information. Payment for the reservation can be made using a bank card or payment services Svyaznoy and Euroset.

Contact information:

  • Khabarovsk, Amur Boulevard, 5;
  • +7 (495) 665-53-13 – for calls from Moscow;
  • +7 (4212) 30-01-00 – for calls of Khabarovsk;
  • Skype:biletdv;


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Great site
I went to them recently and got just on the discounts that they had on Korean Air flights
Saved decent money
Special thanks to the site support service, made a mistake in the mail, so we solved the problems quickly and quickly
I will always use this site, I recommend it to all friends)

Is the review helpful?

Maryana! If in the store instead of 100 rubles give 1000 rubles and leave. You think after half an hour someone will return something to you! When you order, you need to watch what you order and before you pay, check what you ordered and not think at that moment about something sublime.

Is the review helpful?

I ordered tickets for January to Moscow and back to the Crimea. Great site. I chose the flight that suits me and filled in the form with the price and paid by credit card. After 10 minutes I received an itinerary receipt by e-mail at the price as I ordered without any additional fees. What I ordered is what I received. Fast, convenient and high quality.

Is the review helpful?

Worst ticketing site. Booked tickets with a typo in the date, return ticket August 08 / mixed up for September 09, demanded an additional charge of 9 940. This is simply a money-laundering of customers. Hamovatnye employees. Do not buy tickets from them if you do not want to lose your money!

Is the review helpful?

I bought tickets at the same price, they took much more, as it turned out it’s still some fees, but they are not indicated on the ticket as a separate article